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ETO Sterilizer

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Neelam ETO Sterilizer will be in sturdy construction using plates of appropriate thickness which prevents buckling under vacuum or bulging due to pressure. Made as per I.S. 3829 or ASTM Specifications.

1. Standard Cycle Operating Pressure-1Bar to + 2 Bar
  • This technique uses near 100% air removal from sterilization chamber which results in better temperature uniformity in the chamber because of the absence of air pockets ie. Cold spots.
  • This technique increases the penetration of Eto gas in porous products from which removal of air is difficult.

2. Vacuum drying at the end of sterilizing hold period ensures drying of the material which has been sterilized it is useful for ampoules in cassettes, small items of processing and packaging equipment entering the class 1 area and processing drums, garments, fabrics, drying, rubber bungs vessels machine parts, liquids in bottles and PVC pouches etc.

3. Leak Test Cycle for periodic testing of door integrity and pipeline connections & detecting leakage ampoules.

4. Another HP HV Cycle with post vacuum pulses can be provided, if required for special purpose. SS Construction with internal jacket plus Non contact part SS 304

The unit is mounted on sturdy tubular stand with level adjustment facility.

The jacket is made special technology (Dimple Jacket) which ensures better heat distribution in Chamber. And low cost operating fast sterilizing cycle.